We all remember the teachers who made us enjoy their classes. That’s what this project is about.

Games Class & Games with Class is the result of our conviction that play can be a great tool for the teaching community.

That a class that plays is a class that learns.

That children are much happier playing than memorising. That a game can reach where no lesson can.

That’s why we developed this project with the help of specialists in education to prepare some sessions that we take all around Spain, showing all innovative teachers that the classroom is a highly recommendable option for winning over the pupils, motivating them and helping them to learn.

The project includes some psychoeducational fact sheets that are highly useful for both parents and teachers. These show the psychoeducational skills that are used and several examples of how to apply these games in the classroom. 

This is a vital tool for those teachers and education professionals who wish to work on Game-Based Learning using our games.

Would you like to find out more? Just enter here and you’ll see how well we’ve explained everything.

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