We’ve come here to play. We arrived over 65 years ago and look at us, we’re still moving counters and throwing dice. And the best is yet to come, this is only the beginning.



Because if you don’t get angry when you lose, you don’t give your all in every game and you don’t look for revenge time and again, playing loses its edge, don’t you think?


Playing on your own can be great, but playing with your own folks is much better. That’s why we got together with the top professionals, suppliers and clients to create an unbeatable team.


To the game. To the rules. To the profession our grandparents taught us. To childhood. To the suppliers. To the clients. To the environment. To the future. To the past. To education. And to doing it to demonstrate that we’re not saying all this just because we have to.



Let’s be clear: we love selling games. All around the world. The more the better, obviously. And we think the best way to do it is starting from some values, from a point of view and a way of doing things. We’ve been doing it that way for over 65 years. And to be honest, it’s worked pretty well for us.


Close-up, we win. That’s why we try to stay close to our clients, our suppliers and all the people who share our passion for playing. We produce closer and closer to home, and we sell further and further away. Amazing, isn’t it?


If you see this stamp on our games, it’s a good sign. It means it’s been produced as sustainably as currently possible. And that if we can make it better tomorrow, we will.


A child who’s laughing unwittingly learns faster. Play can be the best textbook for classes. So by playing we’re helping the teaching community to access better tools so the class can play and learn. Want to give it a try?


We make games. And we invent games. And we think that if we design games at home we can control the processes better and get a much better result. And you’ll get better devised, designed and produced games.


When someone says “it’s OK like that” it’s a sure sign it isn’t OK. That’s why we strive to fulfil and exceed the quality and safety requirements. Just by being more demanding than all the certificates, we can guarantee that a Cayro game truly has the quality we require. Definitely.


So… we’re devoted to playing and creating play. We spend all day surrounded by games. We travel all over the world to play games of all sorts. We’re more and more loved, further and further afield. And they even give us prizes for doing our job so well.

Is it the best job in the world or what?

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