Everything you see around here started with a hammer blow.

And we know it isn’t the usual way to begin a story, but here we like doing things differently, in our own way.

So in 1954 we got the ball rolling, and after a period of making pieces so that others could sell their toys, we bomb-dived into the pool (because it makes a bigger splash) and we created our first toy, a hammer. Then came an axe and a rubber dagger. OK, OK, so we began as warriors, what can we say? And since then we haven’t stopped producing toys and games.

It’s now more than 65 years that have passed as quickly as the summary of our story in the last paragraph. Why? Because when you feel comfortable you lose your sense of time, you get more and more into it, and you linger on until your mother calls you to say goodbye to your friends and go up for dinner, and you didn’t even notice it had got dark and you’d been playing the whole afternoon.

And although we’ve been playing for so many years, we’ve been able to “change the game”. That’s why we don’t get bored. We began with accessories for toys, then we made our own toys, we continued with classic board games and for several years now we’ve been venturing into modern board games. Games which we develop either ourselves or with the help of creators from this country already established in the sector.

And this is what we’ve been doing all this time – playing at being “game-makers”. And playing in the family, which is the most fun way to play. We’re now the third generation devoted to this profession (because this is a profession, not a business) of play, keeping alive the echo of the sound of that first hammer blow which Francisco Carrió struck to get all this up and running. Can you hear it? However, we’ve evolved greatly.

We at Cayro are very, very close to those people who’ve never stopped playing.

We’re with the people who started playing as children, liked it and decided never to give it up. And are still playing today. Because life is short, and it’s a game.

Playing isn’t always just lying on the floor and throwing a dice.

Playing is an attitude to life, a way of existing and an effort to put a brave face on things, whatever happens.

Playing is putting a bit of fun into your work.

It’s devoting yourself to something that enables you to stay curious, continue discovering and keep trying new things. Playing is not getting bored. Life can be lots of things, but never boring.

This attitude makes people optimist, and optimists make a better world.

There are people who live and people who play at living. They’re the cool ones, and the ones we want to play with. And they’re the ones we want to help to train and educate.

We shouldn’t be the ones to say it, but you don’t really need toys or games to play.

To play you only need to want to play. It’s not a matter of age or sex, not even of profession. It’s a matter of wanting to have fun. And doing everything possible to achieve it.

In most games the recommended ages are from 0 to 99 years old.

We think that when this is the case, there must be a reason for it. And that to play, you don’t have to be a child, just never stop being one.

So watch out. After all, we’re talking about creating a better world. It governs us. It rules our lives. We focus on people unable to play, bored, who don’t innovate, who don’t get curious, who don’t laugh unless it’s at someone else, who don’t sit on the floor, who don’t skin their knees, who don’t switch off the mobile when we’re going to play and who think they’re playing with us, but actually don’t let us play.

That’s the way it is for us. So let’s give play the importance it deserves, because this is very serious.

We’re lucky guys. Very lucky. We have a job (that’s lucky enough in itself) that gives us lots of fun. We get our clients to have fun.

And sometimes they even give us prizes.

We really are a lucky bunch. We like to think that people give us awards because in our products we’ve managed to maintain the passion, the care, the affection and the desire to play which Juan and Roberto had when they decided to write the first pages of this story you’ve been reading.

For over 65 years we’ve been getting up keen to come to work/play. And to try and convince as many people as we can that a life playing is a better life. And the more, the funnier!

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